We Are Big Enough To Get The Job Done, And Small Enough To Care !

Donald Rigging we are heavy lift specialized rigging equipment for projects that need a little extra expertise. We provide licensed, professional operators for all boom trucks, picker trucks and jack & slide equipment, and rent forklifts, trucks and pickers for your licensed operators to use.

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Donald Rigging specializes in moving commodities with weights from 500lbs. to 1,500,000lbs. We have four full jack & slide crews, all equipped with unified jacking pumps for synchronized multi-point lifts, as well as 300 and 400 ton hydraulic sliding systems. We also have a variety of high quality specialized moving equipment to meet our customers needs.

Donald Rigging utilizes multiple boom trucks ranging in size from 23-45 ton capacities. All of our boom trucks are capable of pulling a trailer on and off highway. We specialize in tandem lifts, completions, well servicing, rig moves, and lift planning. Our equipment operators are journeyman, which means that our customers are getting experienced workers who care about safety and efficiency on the job.

Donald rigging has a fleet of haul units including winch, tri-drive, prime mover, and highway tractors. Our trailer fleet consists of hydraulic platform trailers, conventional combinations up to 48 wheels, double drop, high boy, low boy trailers. All our drivers come with many years of experience, moving freight throughout Western Canada. We are able to assist with over dimensional and legal loads on and off highway.

In 2008, Donald Rigging purchased our 60 ton forklift truck from Rigger Lift USA. With a small footprint of only 8’W and under 10’H it serves as one of the most compact heavy lift machines in Western Canada. The machine utilizes removable counterweight, so we can scale up or down depending on our customers needs. The forklift comes with conventional forks with an 8’L the can also be swapped out for a boom attachment that gives us the ability to lift from above. The machine is available for a single lift, or if our customers require it for a long term we are able to dry rent.

Donald Rigging’s hydraulic gantry crane is capable of lifting, lowering, and transferring a wide variety of load types. It is commonly utilized inside fabrication facilities, rail sidings, or in laydown yards. Utilizing 4 lift towers, the gantry is rated at 350 ton. It is capable of lifting loads to a under beam height of 28′. The crane takes up a smaller footprint than many cranes of equal capacity, it also is able to travel while under load on its specially designed tracks. The crane can also be used with 2 legs rather than the 4. The whole system can be moved on only a couple trucks and takes only a few hours to assemble.

Donald Rigging is equipped to handle all on-site needs including heavy lift rigging, common service rigging, skid steer, telehandlers, front end loaders, site trucks, boom trucks, water pumping, snow removal, dirt work, crane pad construction, and warehousing services.

Donald Rigging has pilot vehicles stationed in Calgary ready to assist over dimensional loads down the road. We also have multiple hotshot units ready to go able to handle loads up to 17,000lbs on our goose neck trailer.